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A cord of wood is approximately 4' x 4' x 8' in dimensions or 128 cubic feet. In many cases we measure the blocks to provide consistency in the length. This helps those with smaller fireplaces and gives the cord a nice stackable look.

All fees include free wood splitting and delivery to a fairly sizable area in and around Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. If you are unsure whether we can deliver to you, just contact us with your address and we'll let you know. Call Rob and Heidi at 603-313-0020 to place your order.


Types included: Maple, Ash, Russian Olive and Elm

Benefits: burn approximately 50-75% longer than softwoods

1/3 Cord $85

1/2 Cord $115

Full Cord $200


Types included: Cottonwood with occasional pieces of Aspen

Benefits: burn cleaner than hardwood (less soot)

1/3 Cord $65

1/2 Cord $85

Full Cord $140

The benefits of burning wood

If you are heating with wood, you are heating in an environmentally friendly way if you have one of our efficient, clean burning stoves*. You will be contributing towards better air quality and energy conservation by using wood as a fuel in a highly efficient stove.

How it works

People and trees need each other. The tree needs carbon dioxide in order to grow, and as it grows it gives out oxygen. We need oxygen to live, which is changed into carbon dioxide with each breath, just as you are breathing now.

Highly efficient combustion of our woodburning stoves results in an extremely low level of carbon monoxide being produced, less than it takes for the wood you are burning to grow! Healthy trees actually absorb three times as much CO2 than will be released during combustion.

A fuel for the future

Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable wood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources. During its life, a tree will have provided as much as twenty times more oxygen than is required for combustion. Forests are able to absorb much of the Earth’s carbon dioxide imbalance reducing global warming. Organised forestation can reduce our need to burn fossil fuels and decrease our need for nuclear power.

Supplementing your heating with an efficient stove or stoves is a significant step towards energy independence.

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