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Stump Grinding

Pricing on stump removal is dependant, like all tree work, on many variables, most importantly the size of the main trunk. Other factors to take into consideration are variety of the tree, degree of rottenness, how closely it was cut to the ground, the distance from vehicle access and most importantly, the number of surface roots. These factors can raise or lower the cost. A towed stump grinder is great for getting to more accessible stumps and finishing the job more quickly.

Stump grinding is a process in which the stump of a tree is removed. There is absolutely no size limitation to this process, only different degrees of depth. Standard stump grinding removes approximately 8" of the stump below grade. This provides more than enough depth to place a layer of soil with sod over the stump area. This depth also kills the main portion of the tree to help prevent suckers (small off shoots) from returning.

Full grinding is possible. However with the exception of excavation to lay pavement, pipes, etc it serves no practical purpose. 

How does it work?

A steel wheel approximately 30” in diameter with attached carbide tipped teeth, resembling fingers, spins at 2,000 rpm.

It’s lowered down into the front of the stump to the desired depth below ground level. Then it is worked from side to side through the stump advancing slowly until there is no stump left.

When finished nothing is left but a pile of natural wood chips.

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