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Natural, Recycled Wood Chips

Brush clearing and wood chipping is often performed on an hourly basis. Fees include a truck with dump capabilities and at least one man to help run the chipper.

We provide estimates to give a set price if that is desired as well.

Call John Holman to make an appointment for him to view and assess your property needs.

The Following are a few tips on how to save you time and energy and to provide us with the means to more efficently complete your job:

#1 The best way to make our job easier is to face all branches in the same direction when they are stacked. Crossed branches make a bigger mess when pulled apart and slow productivity by 50% or more. Also, place all the cut ends in the direction that we will access them.

#2 Dont wait 5 years to have brush piles removed. Often weeds grow through them to make tangled messes. Dead, dry limbs are brittle and tend to fly apart while chipping, making a greater mess that is time consuming to clean up. Animals make homes in old piles as well, and are not happy with you destroying their home.

#3 Leave branches as large as possible. This may not sound right to many people, but 90% of the time, if the branch is larger, it tends to run more smoothly through the chipper. Leave them as big as 2 people can move. We have chipped branches over 50 feet in length before... whole!

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