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Excavation Sites in Richmond & Fitzwilliam

By excavating many of our products locally, we are able to deliver them at discounted rates regionally. These active excavations allow us to offer 2" screened gravel, bank-run gravel, first run tailings, 2"+/- screened tailings, 5" natural round stone, boulders, sandy fill, loam, and screened sand at discounted rates for larger orders (8 yards or more).

Richmond Pit: 30+ years of providing materials for the Town of Richmond from the site of the historic bucket mill on Mill Road.

Fitzwilliam Excavation: Adjacent to our sales location, this location is being converted into farm land and space for greenhouses to grow plants for Summer Sweet Farm. Summer Sweet Farm offers a wide selections of annuals, vegetables, perennials, shrubs, and more! Contact the Nutes to fulfill your botanical needs.

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Holman Contracting has been providing materials for the region for more than three decades. Likewise, we are able to remove unwanted or excess materials from worksites, including stumps, rocks, topsoil, clean fill, etc. Call or email for a job quote today.

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